Martin Bartlett Exhibition and Performance Space, SFU Visual Art Studios,
Alexander Centre, 611 Alexander Street, Vancouver BC

The Madman and the Nun, written by Stanislaw Witkiewicz, adapted and directed by Marc Diamond, with set design and objects for performance by Greg Snider. Lighting by John Macfarlane. Cast: Melanie Doerr, Hiro Kanagawa, Lee Su-Feh, Bill Pozzobon, Penelope Stella, Gina Stockdale

The set was constructed around a purpose-built rolling stretcher/gurney of aluminum, made to support several actors. The stage of the playing space had wall--floor joints coved, and the grey enamel floor-colour was taken a foot up the walls. Four chairs rebuilt for strength were fastened to the walls; a thin dry-wall panel between two of the chairs flipped down to present a tableau of red checkered table-cloth, wine bottle and two glasses. Existing posts in the space had climbing handles attached, for upward exits. A single industrial light hung in the centre of the space.

Nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Design Team, 1996.

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The Madman and the Nun 
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